Tuesday, May 22, 2012

little bits o' happy

For going down Sunday to hear Jane speak to her student church congregation. Busting my buttons with pride for this girl of mine.

For board games getting pulled out.

For the school routine winding down.

For summer's approach. For all the fun we are planning.

For those times she calls me up on the phone, bursting, filling me in on all the happenings in her world.  

For this little number right here we had on Sunday night. There's just something about bananas, nuts, and chocolate that sends me to the moon. And a few sliced strawberries on top. Oh, wow.

For getting his emails. Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week, now. And he's doing so great, by the way.

For these no chill now, shorts and a t-shirt morning runs. Loving what these new shoes are doing for me, too.

And not to be and not to appear *materialistic* (I really hesitate to share this, as I unfortunately came across this way to a reader not too long ago for disclosing that I bought new porch swing cushions.)

After 11 years of driving "Old Reliable" who isn't too reliable anymore...

...we decided it was time for us to look for and purchase a new(ish) car. The car I would mainly drive. Friday night, most of the day on Saturday, and then all day yesterday was consumed with this task.

Well, we found something to feel good about. Even if it's older-  a 2004 Acura MDX- it pretty much is making me very happy today.  

(It's kind of like a big deal to me, friends.)


Thanks for the memories, old friend.

So long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen. Goodnight.
Goodbye.... Goodbye....

You served our family well. Being there for us in those heavy parenting years, when all the five kids were home and needed to be carted around this way and that. We loved you. For the times you took us on our vacations. For the trips to the library. For the never ending trips to get groceries. For the innumerable trips to and from the various schools. For all those carpool runs.  Even the time when that huge pot of gumbo spilled all over the back and we had what the kid's said was "old pizza" smell lingering for years.

And so farewell to that 15 year long Mom-Van stage of my life.

I will not miss the three doors that wouldn't open. (only if you know the "trick".) I won't miss the embarrassment of the paint peeling and rust spots taking over the exterior. Breaking down on the freeway with little kids in tow. The missing, never replaced hub cap. The broken, Duck tape repair job side view mirror.

Maybe you still will stick around for teenage drivers. Then again, maybe you won't.

But for me, it's time to move on.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS! If anyone thinks you are materialistic they just don't know you!! So happy for ALL of your "HAPPYS" :)

  2. Really enjoy your blog. How about that recipe for pie?

    Charlene in KY

  3. Congratulations - as a Mom who has ridden a passenger van into the dust, I got this post! Enjoy your new wheels!

  4. Love the happiness! I'm so happy to hear Gary is doing well. I bet Jane made a very thoughtful and inspiring speech. :)

    That pie looks delicious! I second Charlene's request for the recipe.

    Congrats on your new car! You deserve it. And, I always get so much satisfaction out of using something as long as possible. Drive it in good health!

  5. I think people who blog about their "buys" do put off some readers. There are so many who have to make do with less. A car (whatever it's age) is something that many have to do without. I understand your joy but also understand how materialistic this can appear to others.

    I suppose it all comes down to who are you writing this to? Obviously you're not writing your feelings in a personal and private journal so you're wanting the world to know. I think you already know how it's going to be perceived or you wouldn't have made the materialistic comment about it in your post.

    I'm not wanting to diminish your enjoyment of your car but by putting the comment you presumably invited comments in return.

    1. This blog is a journal of my life, Sheila. A record (primarily written for myself and my immediate family), I decided after much thought and deliberation, to open publicly, mainly for my extended family and friends as a means to share the details of my own experiences as well of my family's day to day living. Through this blog, I have been blessed to make many wonderful connections to good people, many I now consider friends, all around the world. All of these individuals, and others like you, CHOOSE to visit this space.

      In my sharing, I've tried to show genuine sensitivity in what I share. There are some things I don't share and some that I do. Buying this car was part of my day yesterday. It's real. It made me happy. It may be the simple joys of watching my children play a game, the simple beauty of a blossom, or the rare occasion and the happiness it gave me of buying a used car- these all are part of my life. I understand that there are many in the world, most of the world's population actually, who can't or choose not to buy a car. There were times when I didn't have a car and walked everywhere.

      I hope that I can be sensitive to others, not judge them, and be not judged myself.

  6. Emily - Thank you for your sensitive answer to Sheila. To answer Sheila's question "who are you writing this to?" - Some thoughtful consideration might lead her to an answer something like this. There are uplifting things that people choose to do, and there are not-so-uplifting things. To me, from the tone and content of your posts, it is clear that your objective is to uplift, and that which "you're wanting the world to know" is the good that you find in your personal life - you have chosen to share some of your feelings, thoughts, and experiences with the hope that your sharing may touch someone else in a way that may help them. For that, you deserve applause. There are so many other things where the intent is clearly to NOT uplift, toward which any energy to offer correction would be much better spent, that you should in no way feel obligated to even respond to anyone who is directing such energy toward what you are sharing here. May you be blessed for your "wanting the world to know" of the good you are trying to share!

  7. I'm purposely ignoring the comments of "admirer of abide" as it's blatant sucking up. Something I abhor. Perhaps they should try your "being sensitive to others" approach.

    I've obviously ruffled your feathers. Oh dear. That wasn't intended, you yourself mentioned the materialistic content and I replied to that, I still think that some readers can be put off blogs when they're about such purchases.

    Please accept my apologies if I've hurt your feelings.

    I'll refrain from commenting in the future, I'd noticed some weeks ago you wondered why you had many visitors but very few comments, I've been one of those visitors not commenting and shall revert back to that again. A lesson could be learned here?

  8. I came back to see if that recipe was posted and saw this! ;)

    This is just my perspective...whether it's a brand new Porche or a "new to me" 200X car, I can be happy for the person writing about it because they are happy. Let us share in that joy, whether it's being proud of a child or moving on to a new (deserved) car. We all make choices, and it's our responsibility to ourselves that we are happy with those choices.

    Emily, I love all that you share with your readers, near and far. Thank you for so much beauty and inspiration! xo