Wednesday, May 30, 2012

wrapping up the school year. busy as a beaver.

So nice to finally sit down. It's way past my bedtime; especially with me waking up at 4:30 am lately, wide eyed-bushy tailed and ready to go. (Sort of.) I feel my posting here has been a little sparse this past while. There's so much living going on and I often feel  the need to "decompress" and process it all in the way I do here in this space. It somehow makes me feel a little more balanced when I take the time to blog and journal it all. Breathing in with the living part and breathing out with the reflecting and recording part.

It's been non stop action around here. I've especially been busy. It's all good, though.

With the school year winding down, we've found ourselves hither and yon with the different end of year activities and culminating celebrations. Sam's choir concert, (tears welled in my eyes watching him singing his heart out, and with gusto. Especially emotional when he sang that favorite of mine: Nella Fantasia. Grateful he has taken this opportunity to become a little more well rounded when a lot of his focus tends to be on sports.) Also, Eliza's 8th grade celebration dinner with all the parents and teachers who've supported and encouraged these young people along the way. Academic recognition assemblies, class parties, and now today's dance festival. Isaac and the other 2nd graders (their class focused on the 70's era and don't you just dig their handcrafted tie dye?) rendition of Funky Town was so cute. Seeing my kids dancing joyfully is one of my favorite things in life.

As for me, I've been busy supporting the kids in all this. Since Monday (after we got home from our Memorial Day picnic and graveside visits) I've also put a lot of my time and efforts getting the yard in shape, the vegetable garden and flowers finally planted. My hands are pretty much stained brown and the dirt underneath my fingernails won't go away. I can't tell you how many piles of weeds I've pulled in the last three days. Mountains, and I'm not kidding. We live on a half and acre lot with a tremendous amount of vegetation and bedding areas where, unfortunately, the weeds are constantly winning the battle, and it amazes me when I take each load to our towering "compost" heap (more like organic matter dump) on the edge of the yard.

I felt so exhausted last night after having labored hard outside in the hot sun all day, looking at what I had done and what still needed to be done. The sprinklers, again, were broken. The grass, in many spots, as dry as a bone. Keith's ongoing back issues/pain flaring up yet again. I was filthy. Sweat pouring down my face while sneezing my head off. Wiping my snotty, dripping nose on my shirt sleeve all day because I didn't care. I was to the point of tears.

I don't like this feeling of being overwhelmed with this yard.

But I do the best I can. It's getting there. It'll never be perfect, at least all at one time, and I need to learn to make peace with that. 

Yet, though it all, I get a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I know and can work. Hard. Labor. And I'm not afraid of it, either. I receive a lot of happiness looking at the the ways I've made our yard and home a more beautiful place because of my efforts.

Along with writing long and detailed letters twice each week to Gary, I also put together a "care" package for him on Tuesday. Homemade Rice Crispy Treats, a favorite of his, included, and some photos I printed out of recent events that I knew he would be happy to see.

I've also been putting a lot of my energies into hosting a bridal shower this coming Friday for my niece Paula and my soon to be sister-in-law Alice. Their June weddings are two weeks apart so it worked out this way to combine our celebrating them. I might be scarce here until after the shower. I've got lots of fun things to share, so come back for lots of  "pink" party goodness.

Take care, and see you soon.

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  1. Wrapping up the school year has almost put me in tears in much the same way your yard work has - there was so much to do and so much left undone (like teachers thank you, I failed to get them done and feel awful about it).
    As far as knowing you have the ability to do hard work and to labor long - I understand that all too well. Years of high blood pressure and a general feeling of exhaustion has been replaced with vigor and zest that I'm so thankful for. I weeded our entire front flower bed a few weeks ago and was SO PROUD - it needs it again now, which is defeating but at least I know I can do it again :) Have fun planning the Bridal Showers - sounds wonderful!