Sunday, June 10, 2012

19 years

This daughter,

dreamed of
since my own girlhood

and her name would be Jane.

That broad smile.
The cute tilt of the head.
Those tight braids.

My constant companion.

I train her,
but she teaches me

Dedication, diligence shown to her musical talent,
her studies.
"Student of Virtue" exemplified.
Compassion, empathy, charity:
learning it came the hard way.

Driven to excel.
Boy, this girl knows how to work.
Sincere, and from the heart.
Friend to all,
winning everyone over with
that grace,
that kindness,
that beauty,
that sweet nature
of hers.

So grateful and so glad
for that child she once was,
the girl she now is,
for the woman she'll soon become.
And for the gift, the balm
that is her friendship.
For this loving kindness, and listening ear;
a blessing, 
to my days.
you and me,
this special relationship,
these many memories.
today, tomorrow,
and for all eternity.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

Love and xoxos,


  1. What a beautiful relationship you both have - a blessing indeed! Love to see that!

  2. She's so pretty, tell her I said that. Lovely post, the wedding photos were great as well. Happy birthday to your girl.

  3. This brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful, heartfelt post and keepsake for your gorgeous daughter. I can see how very much you love her! ~Barefoot Five