Friday, June 1, 2012

a bridal shower

The What:

This was the first bridal shower I ever gave. 
I gave all my heart to it.
I was going for a pink theme.
I think you can tell.
I think I'm into pink.
Like, really.
Pink cupcakes. Pink Oreo pops. Pink candy.
Pink frozen strawberry parfaits. (Thank you Martha.)
Pink everything.
Really too much sugar
And really not that "Emily"
but it's a celebration.
But that was not all.
Mama brought the "shower salad".
You know.
The pasta chicken one with apples one.
The one Aunt Carma made at my own shower
those many years ago and it stuck.
Along with her famous butterflake rolls.
And I put together a big green salad with black berries and almonds and that other new found favorite craving one of mine:
Quinoa with sweet potato. (Thank you Renee's mom Karen.)
Pink soaps, too, to give out as favors. (Thank you dollar store.)
Just what I had in mind.
A score.
All of this turned out beautiful.
Just really beautiful. 
What I hoped it would be.
And now I'm really tired.
The end.

The Why:

We celebrate marriage.
We honor these two sweethearts.
 The one I've watched grow up.
Who we all adore.
This oldest and first to be married grandchild.
The other my new sister.
I think she's a kindred spirit.
And I'm learning to love her.
So good, connecting again with spread out family
and now to get aquainted with the new.
That's what it's all about.


  1. Emily- You threw the most amazing shower! I am constantly in awe because of your brilliant decoration and cooking skill. Thanks so much for throwing this party. I felt very included and celebrated. I love the family I am marrying into and am enjoying getting to know everybody. I do think we are kindred spirits. We are definitely shopping twins for sure. I also feel like a rockstar for making the blog. I love reading. You are a wonderful writer and photographer. You are also a rockstar!

  2. It just has your touch which is wonderful!

  3. Loving the pink! What beautiful photos, Emily.
    There is no doubt your efforts made the bride-to-be feel loved!
    Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Such a beautiful shower and I love all the pink - sort of a 'go big or go home' way with pink and it lovely!

  5. you must be exhausted! what a beautiful day!

  6. Wow Emily! The shower was beautiful!!!! All of the details are so impressive! I know how much work goes into all those little details! You could seriously be a professional event planner or caterer! Well done!

  7. Oh my, the shower looks lovely! You did a great job! Love the photographs.