Thursday, June 7, 2012

in the studio: breezy summer linen pants

In between:

:: trying to find our groove with this this new summer routine
:: cooler than usual temperatures
:: summer clothing expedition (they've all outgrown everything)
:: temple and dinner out celebrating the upcoming nuptials (my sweet niece will be getting married tomorrow. Yay, Paula and Dexter!)
:: board games out on the deck
:: haircuts for the boys. And their mom.
:: wasp stingers
:: books and books and books

...I've found time to hole myself up in the sewing room.
Wondering why this time, this time with the kids all home, I seem to have more empty space in my days.
Listening while I work. U2 station on Pandora. So many interesting lectures from the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii website. (Check it out, my fellow plant eaters!)

Today I finished this project.
They'll go with everything.
My go-to pants.
Just long enough and short enough.
A length that seems right for the season.
So comfy. So breezy.
And that different method for the waistline gathers.
Love the look of that.
Ah, linen.


  1. They look so summery and comfy! - Are you so glad you can do it yourself? And you have the figure to wear them too! :)

  2. Great pants! Sounds like summer is off to a good start. I was marveling, too, at how I'm getting more done with an extra kid in the house. It's amazing what a looser schedule does for you!

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