Wednesday, June 13, 2012

in the studio: more linen summer wear

Lots of time in the sewing room these days. So satisfying making my own clothes. Really enjoying the look of these designs. Simple lines, classic styling, comfortable, relaxed wear.

I wore this tunic two days in a row.
(I guess I like it.)

Yesterday at the health food store, that sweet, young man cashier who had told me awhile ago how much he loved my hair (even with and despite all the gray), well, he stopped me again with his wide smile and enthusiastically said, "I just love your shirt!" I proudly told him I made it, plus my pants.

He gave me a high five.
(I think we're friends.)

He said he wants to go into fashion design. He's trying to find a school. He likes to sew. He likes artistic fashion pieces.

"Go for your dreams." I told him.


  1. Emily, I think you are amazing! So talented! So good!