Tuesday, June 26, 2012

me: a silvery streak "Pin" up!

It's cool to be able to track where my readers are coming from. The countries, the traffic sources, the links from other blogs.

I get a lot of traffic from Pinterest. Interesting, in that I don't even have a Pinterest account. Although, I do enjoy browsing for ideas every so often. I think it's a great organizing tool. It's fun, and a little amazing, that folks like something they see on my own bloggy space and make a pin out of it.

Well, I was surprised to see this picture (from this post) of yours truly linked to Donna's extensive "Rock the Silver" Pinboard featuring many of us gray haired gals. She has a blog by the same name, too, by the way.

I smiled as I scrolled.

Feeling proud to be numbered among these women. Excited to see just how beautiful a woman of any age can be regardless of hair color. Us fairly young and pre-maturely graying ones, the more silver middle-agers, and then those elegant, white haired elders advancing in years.

Beautiful regardless if she allows her hair color to naturally age. Embracing it all. Letting that unabashed aging shout out loud:

I am me.
I like me.
The just-the-way-I-am me.
I have "highlights you don't have to pay for".
I have no fear.
I am confident.
I am strong.
I am uninhibited.
I am sexy.
I am soft.
I am feminine.
I am elegant.
I am stylish.
I am hip.
I am "wow!".
I am real.

And we rock.

Seeing these women all lined up like this adds more to my already growing acceptance of my own aging and all that comes with it. (Alright. More like a work in progress acceptance, if I'm being completely honest.)

And it's my belief that any woman who feels this way about herself, whether she dyes her hair (which I so don't have a problem with other women choosing, if that's what makes her happy) or if she doesn't (like I've chosen and will continue to do from this day forward)...

I'm realizing more and more that saying we all have heard a thousand times:

True beauty comes from within.

It's an attitude.

Can't you just tell?

It's the love.
For others. And for ourselves.

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  1. you go girl! I love your confidence. I especially love your love for others!!