Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a morning at phyllis's house

Our good friend and neighbor, Phyllis, invited a small group of mothers and daughters over this morning to work on a little project. A little upcycling project, transforming our old T-shirts into something new and fun and pretty.

Phyllis has the gift of bringing people together. I think it's because she, herself, draws others to her and around her.

Deep friendships with other women are rare, especially with those much older than you. I'm so grateful I have found this kind of nurturing relationship with her. She's there for me, and I think I've been there for her.

What a blessing she is to not only me , but to our whole family and the entire neighborhood, as well.

I love her laugh. I love the way she shows genuine interest in our lives. I love how she listens. The wisdom she shares. I love watching neighborhood children rush up to her and be wrapped in her warm embrace.

She and her husband Dennis have worked to create the most beautiful yard and garden. A welcoming and peaceful haven, with such a feeling of quiet serenity.

I went there to work on the project, but found that I spent more time wandering around with my camera. Soaking it all in.

How could I resist?

It was such fun being with her and visiting with the others.

Connecting with my neighbors. Forging friendships. Creating with my children. Surrounded with such beauty.

What better way to enjoy this fine midsummer's day.


  1. I love that you have a neighbor like that - they are not all that common anymore. Growing up, my mom would go the neighbors almost every morning for coffee - they would sit and talk for hours. I wish I had that type of neighbor - well, maybe I do - just in a different way ;)

  2. Beautiful time with beautiful people!