Wednesday, June 27, 2012

season for corn on the cob... and a bowl full of cherries, too

I thought I'd continue on with the somewhat sporadic, yet very enjoyable theme I did last summer entitled "season for..." ("season for strawberries ", "season for thrills", "season for going barefoot", etc.) 

A way to really see and internalize the simple joys and beauties of the season through capturing the essence of it all through my writing and photography.

Isaac begged me to bring home some fresh corn on the cob on our marketing run this afternoon. He said he couldn't wait to go home and shuck it. I loved his enthusiasm for such a simple task. For his excitement, his glee almost, rubbing his hands in anticipation, jumping up and down all for this seasonal, looked-forward-to-all- year food. And a vegetable, nonetheless.

The season's first. A celebration, almost, as we gathered around the picnic table outside for dinner tonight. Biting into those hot, firm, sugar-sweet milky kernals. Corn juice spraying across the table at your neighbor. No need for any butter or salt, as far as it goes for me these days. And I'm finding that everytime I work my way around those cobs, whether it was tonight or any other night, so many childhood memories seem to flood my mind of past corn on the cob feasting.

Corn on the cob is more than just eating.
It is an experience. A ritual.

And you couldn't ask for a better dessert than those cold sweet cherries we had. Especially on such a hot day as this. Another first for the season.

Ah, the foods of summer....
So simple. So right.


  1. We have been eating cherries for the last two weeks! Every lunchtime we get a little bowl. I have an OXO pitter that really makes it easy for the kids to eat them. I love all these luscious foods of summer!

  2. berries are my favorite summer treat!

  3. I hope that you will accept the One Lovely Blog Award, I love the pictures and keeping up with you so congrats. You do have a lovely blog...

  4. wow! thank you so much, virginia, for this award! I'm so happy you are and are enjoying my blog.