Wednesday, June 20, 2012

these hands

:: waved a friendly greeting to a stranger on the road.
:: pointed that cute little dog to go on home as he runs along at her heels.
:: dabbed some tea tree on that pesky cold sore clump that's decided to sprout on her chin-cheek of all places.
(and just in time for friday's wedding, too.)
:: pulled weeds and planted flowers so her mom wouldn't have to.
:: drove them both to lunch at her (mom's) invitation.

:: brought them some soup to help ease the week.
:: pulled some interesting goodies off the library shelves.
:: clicked on the keyboard (multiple times throughout the day) to see if a wednesday letter was sent.
(yipee! it was!)
:: typed up a grateful response to her kind and generous words.

:: hugged this tired basketball player son of hers home after being away with his team for three days straight.
:: chopped and stirred the dinner vegetables.
:: dug into that coconut curry with glee. and delight.

:: picked out her number tiles while this small, eager son waits on.
(he wins. nothing's new.)
:: rubbed some of those soothing remedies onto this not-feeling-so-good daughter's chest.
(this cough lingers still.)

1 comment:

  1. These hands...... could use some soap and a good moisturizer!