Saturday, June 9, 2012

wedding celebration: paula and dexter

June 8, 2012

A day filled with love, smiles, tears, family, friends, food.
A celebration.

The lovely couple.
These two make such a good team. Meeting and forming a special friendship in the university music department. She a concert cellist. He a violinist and music composition major.

They're so good for each other.

The day couldn't have been more beautiful. A proud Papa, Mama, and my brother Reuben outside the Salt Lake Temple.

Paula's siblings: Joe and Clarissa. We call her Beebee.
They're so cute. And I can't believe how much all these kids have grown.

Paula looked absolutely gorgeous.
I couldn't get over that bow in the back. 
Oh, and the lace.

I love this one of Isaac.
Don't you think he looks snappy with his  new "buzz" cut?

Felicia (my sister) and Plinio with all their cute kids.
Dexter fits right in.

Beebee did Paula's hair.
So perfect. So lovely.

"For time and all eternity".

After the temple ceremony and pictures, Dexter's family hosted a beautiful luncheon. Everything was so lovely. The piano music playing in the background. The delicious food. And especially the song Dexter's sister wrote for him and sang to us with their father accompanying on the guitar. I bawled my eyes out.

 Then, the celebration wouldn't be complete without Paula and Dexter playing a rousing duet together. In honor of his Scottish heritage and their amazing musical talent.

We drove on home and headed back up for the wedding reception a few hours later. Cactus and Tropicals made for a fun, unique setting.

Neighbors and family pitched in with the food preparation. It turned out great.

I think we make a pretty good catering team.

Here, my brother Andrew mans the Italian soda bar.

So happy for your happiness, Paula and Dexter.
We love you guys.

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