Tuesday, July 3, 2012

close to home

and these fires rage on
unceasing, it seems
yet another one
this time, closer to home

beloved community,
 with neighborhoods I know,
the cove and the hollow,
familiar routes we've run

rising, billowing smoke signals,
an all too familiar sight now;
our valley
a constant, soupy haze

such unrelenting heat,
and bone dry;
these mountainsides ravished
all up in flame

 so these good people, 
the fleeing and the fearful,
 their prayers all a mix
 of pleading,
of protection,
of deliverance,
and these ever growing embers
 of gratitude
  for the strong, the brave ones 
among us,
those dependable, selfless souls
we trust
 to be there
day in and day out
to sacrifice,
and put their very lives on the line
 to fight these fires,
 protect our homes,
and save this land

i honor you

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