Tuesday, August 28, 2012

change in the air

i can feel it;
these changes
noted, marked, sensed
with these ever observant eyes,
this heart that
taking it all in and
ever feeling.

upon looking out the window
up to my elbows in suds and breakfast dishes,
viewing the tip-top
of that apricot tree out on the edge of the yard
already starting to yellow,
the first to drop
every year i've learned.

and to our amazement
those scattered mountain top
patches all a vibrant.
is it already that time?
a sure sign.

morning air
a little snap
of coolness;
another alteration,
from relentless heat
of summer days

light turning golden,
warmth from slanting sun
radiance, a splendor
yet another shift
i sense, i love.

so we ease
into a new season, this
most beloved of mine;
a fruition, an abundance,
promises fulfilled,
a harvest and a gleaning
we cycle back once again
on this wheel
the rhythm of life.

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