Sunday, August 5, 2012

gratitude sunday

:: for snapping beans with them in the shade of the front porch.

:: for the happiness of seeing miracles happen in the life of this missionary son of mine. His joys becoming my joys. For the miracle it is that after just a few short months of study, he's proficient enough, blessed enough, to speak the words of his heart to these Finns that he's learning to love.

:: for kids who can climb mountains.

:: for all those years and years of sacrifice we both put into her talent that's now become a blessing and a balm to so many. Worth every bit of  those early years of squeak, my driving her to and fro, her putting her whole heart and soul into hour upon hour of diligent practicing. 

A gift from God.

:: for Sharon calling to tell me that I could come over and pick all the blackberries my heart desires.

:: for family picnics up the canyon.

:: for the excitement of reeling in your very first catch.

:: for an aunt who likes to take you on adventures.

:: for this friendship and memories you've made with your cousin.

:: for Phyllis, the "Produce Fairy", bringing over a garbage bag amount of kale they'd harvested.

Into the freezer it goes.

:: for our own garden taking off.

:: for the never-ending gifts of peace and abundance it's always provided.

:: for those tender tears shed, the joy and the smiles on this never-to-be forgotten, special day of hers. For his taking the time to seek. To talk. To ask. For his sweet kindness.

:: for his faith.

:: for love, prayers, heart-felt messages, understanding, and support from loved ones, dear friends, and even strangers. Every bit of it giving me (much needed) strength, hope and comfort.

:: for so much love.

:: for so much life.


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  1. Yes, fill your heart and mind of the blessings. I am grateful for you!