Tuesday, August 7, 2012

just now

noticing: kitchen morning light and shadows. This rich warmth that I love.

feeling: started to feel a little off on Sunday; deciding I caught Isaac's little cold bug. Body aches yesterday; slight cough today. Can't remember the last time I felt sick. Found my pillow and head soaked in the night, even though we were comfortably cool with the air conditioning on and covers pulled up. Haven't had the get-up-and-go for running since last Tuesday for various reasons. I'm good with it, though.  Surprising sense of inner calm, peace, and ease since Sunday of which I'm grateful.

listening: Isaac and Eliza, still in their pajamas too, upstairs watching The Muppet Show re-runs. ("You guys! This is the last one!") Normally, we don't do TV in the mornings, (actually limiting most viewing to the weekends) but with this looser summer schedule, the slow-ness in the way these last few days have played out, I'm just letting things slide. I like these lazy, slow summer days. Relishing them. They'll be gone before we know it with the transition to structure and school routine.

wearing: Jane's teal hoody robe. (I've permanently borrowed it.) Pen behind my ear. Shower will happen eventually.

eating: toast and honey with fruit seems to be the breakfast of choice these days for most people in the house. Just right for these summer mornings. I breakfasted early with a bowl of mini Shredded Wheat and Grape-Nuts topped with frozen mixed berries, grapefruit, sliced banana and almond milk poured over. Still eating the weekend's leftovers: big pot of boiled new potatoes and green beans, zucchini stir fry, and corn on the cob. Down to the last of the three loaves of banana-zucchini bread. Anybody want a zucchini?

reading: Wallace Stegner's The Spectator Bird.

outing: even though I was feeling pretty lousy yesterday, I ran a few errands. Headed down to Jane's apartment to deliver her new glasses and contacts. Dropped by the university bookstore (I could spend hours there.) to pick up a $2.99 discounted copy of one of my favorite mothering books- Mitten Strings For God- to give to my cousin's daughter at the baby shower we would be heading to later that night. Couldn't resist the sweetest, tiniest baby girl cream cardigan sweater to tuck in the gift bag, too. Can't remember the last time I bought baby things. Mothering pangs, baby-love that I don't think will ever really leave me, even as I move (d) on from that stage of life.

Nowhere really else to go today, which I'm relieved about, except for wedding reception tonight. Lots of weddings for this month of August, I'm finding. The summer filled with them.  


  1. Love here your taking easy times. i hope you feel OK. I could use a zuchinnni my plant grown was really stunned, so I pulled if out!

  2. love that book. wish I would have found it sooner in my mothering. great idea for a gift. take care!