Thursday, August 30, 2012

thankful thursday

"...the Windows of Heaven opening up and pouring down a torrential rain of blessings!"...
These words so true.

:: rays of sun streaming down through clouds.
:: A way is provided. A door opening up. His generous answer to the desires of this heart.

:: friendly, gentle-eyed horses.
:: a better than hoped for experience in the dentist's chair.

:: first game of the season for these boys full of anticipation.

:: shooting a game of marbles with the cub scouts.

:: painting on the kitchen floor.
:: what he hoped and dreamed of really coming true.

:: running down the hill to see those horses all a galloping.
:: the sweetness that this friendship distills upon her soul.
:: fields wide with sunflowers.
:: a new job.
Yes, Keith was offered a job yesterday. We are so thankful. So happy. So relieved. So many prayers answered.
God is good.
And we are blessed.

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