Friday, August 24, 2012

wedding celebration: joe and maggie

They quietly had crushes on each other back in those long ago 7th grade jr. high school days.

I guess they knew love when they saw it.

And now those early years of puppy love blossoming, growing into something more.

So much more.

A beautiful friendship, two hearts full of hope, dreams, and happiness.

Such a lovely late summer day to celebrate.
Oh, those sunflowers!

What a day. 

And what joy and love and smiling all at the same time.

Can't believe that this little nephew that I watched grow up with Gary is now a husband of such a beautiful bride.


Wishing both of you, Maggie and Joe, an eternity of smiles, laughter, joy, understanding, and love.
Thank you for letting us share in your joy in such a special, beautiful, and memorable way.
All the choicest blessings God has in store for your marriage, you two. Today and always.


  1. The navy and sunflower theme must be popular this summer - my sister-in-law chose the same thing for her wedding in June!

  2. So much joy and beauty and all wrapped in lots of love! Thanks for sharing Emily!

  3. They are a lovely couple and the reception is beautiful.