Saturday, September 15, 2012

a bit of journaling

harvesting: amazed that this one ornamental gourd plant produced such an abundance. They'll add a nice fall touch around here. Also, brought in another huge load of tomatoes and peppers. Sam is requesting more salsa. 

creating: decided it is time to welcome autumn's (almost) arrival by decorating the fireplace mantle. Oh, I just love this time of year. My favorite.

looking: little pots of mums on the front porch. Decided to pull out the summer plantings (they were getting a little too ratty with neglect) and exchange them for a more seasonal look. I've never done this change from summer to fall re-potting. It'll be nice when we'll harvest the pumpkins and put out our scarecrow girl.

listening: Jane's got me hooked on The Civil Wars. Love their sound.

smiling: so amazed and surprised late this morning to look up, see the door open slowly, and in walks Jane all sweaty and obviously tired. All with a wide, proud smile on her face. She went for a run and kept on running-- running all twelve long miles from her apartment to home. She did the same thing one Saturday last spring and she said she felt a lot stronger this time as running has become an almost daily routine for her. I gave her a big high five, smiled big myself at her and this huge accomplishment. She's thinking a marathon might really be a possibility. Totally, Jane. Let's do it.

reading: speaking of running. I was excited to pick up this book yesterday at the library: Eat and Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness by Scott Jurek. Vegan, plant based diet angle. Cool. 

outing: been wanting to take a drive up the canyon to do a little leaf peeping and decided today was the day, inviting any kids that wanted to come along. Wish there was more time for a hike. Looks like we still might have a few more weeks before things peak as far as the vibrant colors go. 

Just love the quakies. So beautiful.

Love this shot of Eliza, too. She made sure to grab some leaf specimens to put in her nature journal. Hopefully next time, we'll bring home lots of colored leaves to display, press, and craft with.

thanking: the gift of sweet and cherished friendships.

cooking: with all those tomatoes that are coming on strong in the garden, I thought I'd cook up a (quadrupled) batch of tomato soup to put away in the freezer. Wish you could smell what I smell right now.

eating: Isaac begged to stop at the roadside stand on our way home from the canyon for more peaches. We can't get enough of them.

feeling: Some of you may notice that I've disabled comments here on my blog. It's something I'm sad about and have thought long and hard over. My last post had some photographs that Isaac had taken of me and a reader wanted to let me know that he/she mistook me for a man until they saw the earrings. That hurt. To the core. (Oh, these life long struggles with self image!) And I don't see how it could have been unintentional to say a thing like that. It seems, for quite some time, that there's been a consistency of personal attacks on me. I hesitate to even acknowledge this here, as I don't want to give this person validation. 

So that's the unfortunate way of things, I guess. I love communicating with my readers; I love to hear feedback from you. I've so enjoyed and appreciated every positive, sincere, and kind gesture you've shown me in the true spirit of love and understanding. There have been many of you whose communications, especially by email, have blessed my life with the wonderful blessing of friendship. That's the avenue in which I see the dialogue, that I so appreciate, between me and my readers being able to continue. (Since I also link my posts on Facebook, that is also a way to connect with me.)

wishing: After the pain of Thursday's post, sadly witnessing a young driver motion an obscene gesture (and it wasn't a quickie, either) to another young driver on the road today, and seeing so much hate, intolerance, and misunderstanding to the point of violence happening not only in our country, but spreading all over the world... how I wish there was more civility, kindness, understanding, peace, and good will toward each of God's children.