Thursday, September 6, 2012

a "scent-imental" journey through my childhood


:: freshly mowed grass mingling with Dad's sweat (which never really stank) on a Saturday afternoon.

:: the ever constant Dutch Cleanser sprinkled over the sink, tub, and toilet.

:: Desitin smeared on raw, red baby bums.

:: number 2 pencil erasers (used ever so frequently) in Northridge elementary school math class.

:: gingerbread boys and girls at Christmas time.

:: peanut butter in the lunch box.

:: Mom's White Shoulders drifting in the air when she'd get all dolled up.

:: Brute aftershave while laying on the floor on Dad's outstretched arm when we'd "make plans".

:: the lilac bush in springtime.

:: Tide lingering on clean, fresh towels.

:: the mixture of pot roast, rose potpourri, and Grandpa's cigs on entering Grandma Fay's house.

:: Carmex on my (oh, so frequent) oozing, blistering, swollen lips.

:: Lemon Pledge on the grease rag. My job to "grease the table" after every meal.

:: "pumpkin guts" when we'd carve the Jack-O-Lanterns.

:: Baby Magic rub downs after the little kid's baths.

:: a big old pot of Jambalaya on the stove and buttery biscuits coming out of the oven at Momo's.

:: Chapstick and mint Tic-Tacs in Dad's pocket.

:: a freshly cut Christmas tree in the front room.

:: grits and eggs on weekend mornings or special birthday breakfast request.

:: fresh bread baking when walking in the door after school.

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