Saturday, September 8, 2012

friday and saturday joy bringers

:: writing a five page handwritten letter to a friend.

:: making these peppermint patty bars to tuck into a "love and miss you" care package (also for that friend.) Thinking that another batch of those delectables is in order. For sure.

:: satisfying my craving for (vegetarian) Peruvian food.

:: strolling an art gallery with him. Our kind of entertainment.

:: the amazement at finding myself sleeping in until 7:00am on a Saturday morning. Any morning, for that matter.

:: snuggling in bed, listening while rubbing this young son's skinny little legs as he (with eyes all wide) shares with me his excitement, pride, and wonder at himself. How he ran-- oh, so fast-- faster than all the rest, beating his personal record, too.

:: forgoing, happily, my morning run to make them all a cozy, extra special breakfast porridge. Watching that steam rise up, hot and slow, in the window sunlight that's streaming through.

:: seeing him all wrapped up snug in that robe of his. First time in a long time. A chill in the air this morning. So excited for autumn's official arrival.

:: poetry reading that nourishes my soul.

:: lazy start to the morning with an interesting podcast interview. (of said poet.)

:: since football season is here, and that means only Eliza and I will be left at home, (we don't mind that at all, do we, Eliza? No, of course we don't.) these days call for special mother-daughter outings. Yippee!!

:: wow, I never get tired of this place.

:: we meander through the art museum gardens.

:: soaking every bit of it in.

:: indoors as well as out. Drawing inspiration, peace, quiet, and even more beauty. More soul food. 

:: can't get over the look and the loveliness of her braid. Her go-to hairstyle that she just whips off without even looking in the mirror. Everywhere we go, people ask and look and comment. They agree with me, I guess.

:: afternoon naps on the couch.

:: a clean bathroom. Ah...

:: a quiet evening at home to look forward to. A nice, steamy mug of Chai and Eliza's request of roasted chickpeas. 

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