Wednesday, September 5, 2012

massage therapy school: a new beginning for me

A door has opened. An opportunity given.
Now's my chance.
And I'm going for it.

Who would have ever thought that losing a job could be the best thing that could ever happen to a family. (I sure didn't think so!)Learning this lesson over and over with each trial that we've faced over the years (some of which have lasted ever so long) that you just never know what wonderful things await down the road, better than you ever dreamed of, even in the midst of so much pain and uncertainty and doubt.
With this blessing of Keith's recent hiring and his six months of severance pay untouched and being made available now, it's allowed us the chance to pursue the fulfillment of a dream.
My dream. 
The chance to further my own education. An education that has been put on the back burner for all these many years. Through years and years of intense mothering (and the personal sacrifices that came with it) of these five children and their home educations and remodels and vacations and the financial pulls of kids on missions and kids in college... well, it just seemed so out of reach, almost an impossibility.
In the back of my mind, there has always been an unsettled feeling, almost a fear, that it would be wise, that I needed to and should have some kind of marketable skill should I need to provide for myself or my children. Not only that, but a deep down sense of fulfillment and earnest desire in pursuing such an accomplishment and goal.
And part of me knew that there would be a day when my children were older when that time would come. When it would be right.
At this point in my life and motherhood, I don't really want a demanding career outside my home. I want my primary focus and energies directed into what I love the most-- the nurturing of my family. I don't see myself, as well, going back to four strung out years at the university. I just don't see that happening and I just don't have it in me right now.
For the last year or so, the idea of massage therapy school has been coming back to me over and over. Feeling that my mission is in helping individuals one on one. Assisting others-- especially my family, friends, and neighbors-- in their journeys to healing and wellness. Offering comfort and loving, healing touch through the work of my hands and my heart. Having the flexibility that this skill and profession permits to work around my family's needs. Working as much or as little as my time, schedule, and energies allow. Traveling to my clients' homes (with my table like my own massage therapist does) when my kids are in school. That sounds good to me.
So I'm excited for this opportunity that's been given for my own development and personal growth.
In fact, I registered today so it's pretty much official. The college is just 10 minutes away from my house. (That convenience is a total blessing.) I'll be doing the part time, year long program which begins October 9, with night classes on Mondays through Thursdays. Once I'm well into the program, probably spring-ish, I'll work in the clinic for a few hours on Saturday mornings. (Hey all you locals, will you be my "come-get-a-massage-from-Em guinea pigs"? Seriously.)
I just can't express how truly thankful I am for Keith's and each of my children's support, encouragement, and belief in me. For God knowing the desires of this heart and providing a way. Opening up a door. For His never ending mercy, grace, and outpouring of blessings; all of it more than I ever dreamed possible...
Here's to new beginnings!


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  2. Wow, wow, wow, Emily! I had a good feeling this was going to happen to you. I wanted to write to send congratulations to Keith and ask if you had thought further about this. Congratulations to you both! What a wonderful step. I am truly thrilled for you. xo

  3. Emily, I don't know you and have only been reading your blog for a couple weeks, now, but I am so happy for you!

    Our Heavenly Father ALWAYS blesses us! even if it comes after a "trial of our faith". (Which is what our family is going through right now...)

    Best of luck with massage therapy school. My daughter is a massage therapist and really enjoyed it. She is now "retired" and raising her family.

  4. Oh wow, I am so excited for you! Awesome! I love this post because I can relate to it so well. I constantly ask God what is it that I was meant to do with me life. I don't think this is what I was meant to do, I'm an administrative assistant. Yet family and financial demands hold me back from persuing anything different. Who knows, maybe one day I will be in your position, but for now I still pray for discernment. I admire what your up to! Good luck.

  5. Emily, I have been following your blog for a few months now, and I have to say that I look forward to each and every post. I too am a mom who is going back to school ( nursing school in my case) later in life. Both my children are high school age now, and I felt the need to go back to school as well. Congrats on your decision, and thank God for your windfall allowing you to do so. Losing jobs is never easy on anyone, and I am glad that your hubby found another one so quickly. Bless you and your family! Good luck with your classes!

  6. This is so exciting! I've been walking through some hard things but through it all have this underlying firm belief that God is good and can be trusted. He sees what we don't and when we release our grip, He can bring change/blessing to us. But I also get what you expressed about your education and the fear about what if you neeeded at some point to provide and just the desire to continue to meet a goal of your own; I've been sharing these feelings. I did register for school again this past January and think I will continue another avenue of my education after this is done too. Largely just because I want to - for the pleasure of it - but also feeling like maybe it is part of a plan I just don't see fully yet for my future when my kids leave the nest. Anyways, congratulations!

  7. Emily--I am a new reader (I emailed you several weeks ago about your beautiful Dr. Mom post). Through an uncanny series of events, that at the time showed up as loss and scarcity, I stumbled into a career in hospice. It was a true blessing from above, especially that I am able to balance this with my primary role of wife and mother. I know I was divinely led to this work, as it sounds like you are to massage therapy. Congratulations on your new adventure and wishing you the best! Raquel