Thursday, September 27, 2012

morning glimpses

these are good days. full days. days filled with home and out and abouts and errands and birthday celebrations and cooking, feasting, enjoying, and visiting with these cherished and beloved friends and parent teacher conferences and crisp, clear morning runs and garden harvesting and father/son football games and homecoming dance dates and late night homework and late night parent child talks and music that's that's practiced and music that's listened to. 

these days that are almost filled to overflowing, but with just the right amount of a margin to it that's so necessary for my well being and contentment. time enough for quiet. time enough for sitting. for seeing. for thinking. for writing. for reading. for an afternoon nap. for peace.

a happy balance.

the slow and warm mellowness of this new season that's upon us now. all this abundant beauty that's almost too much to take in.

i love it all.