Thursday, November 1, 2012

a little halloween recap

Well, Halloween is over and done, but I thought I'd pop in to share some glimpses of the day. All in all, things were a little more low key than most years. At least it felt like that for me. Only one carved pumpkin on the porch. Only Isaac dressing up in costume. (And not homemade as in years past, as one of the kids reminded me.) Sam and Eliza had their costumes all planned and ready, but at the last minute their school changed its "wear your Halloween costume to school" policy at the last minute and that took the spark out of it all, even for later that night. 

I guess I (we) are getting used to these kids growing up and traditions being modified with change and circumstance. But the holiday was nonetheless special and memorable for exactly what it was.

Isaac had originally planned, was excited about, and even wore his "gathered from the dress up box"- makeshift Davy Crockett/ Mountain Man/ Lumberjack get-up to a Halloween birthday party he was invited to on Saturday, but he came home, the "wow" factor that he had anticipated, gone with the wind after he saw the other cool costumes the other boys had. Especially, too, when his fake and furry beard wouldn't stick and stay on. (That had been the costume's selling point.)


He reminded me, quite urgently, on Tuesday morning (desperation in his voice) that Halloween was, in fact, tomorrow and that "costumes are mandatory".

He gave me some suggestions of what might work, so to the costume/party store I went. 

You should have seen his grateful, relieved, and excited smile on his face with this awesome army fighter pilot outfit. We both agreed that it'll be fun for pretend and play. Another addition to the dress up box.

The day was full as most Halloweens are. Attended Isaac's school costume parade at lunchtime. Always love that. Especially got a kick out of some of the parent's clever and amusing costumes. Came home and wanted to make sure the family had some kind of nourishment in their bellies later that night; knowing that the rest of the day would be filled with a visit to Dad's work party and the neighborhood "trunk or treat". Also, knew that I'd be at my anatomy class at massage school that night (boo... At least I got another 100%-- third time in a row now, my friends!-- on this week's test.) which would include a pot luck/treat share. 

So I got my apron on, got to work in the kitchen, and made a pot of creamy vegetable soup to put in the crock pot and also thought it would be fun to turn some breadsticks into some...

...arthritic witchy fingers!

A little bowl of marinara sauce for dipping was the perfect finishing touch. Really gives that creepy, severed finger effect, don't you think?

They were well received.