Thursday, November 22, 2012

happy thanksgiving!

Hope your Thanksgiving was a happy one. 
Ours was.

Jane and I baked up a storm. 
Mostly yesterday. 
Five pies altogether. 
Pretty standard, like most years.
She whipped out an apple and a mixed berry. 
Lattice crust, even.
I took care of the two pumpkin pies and a Grasshopper. 
(Mint chocolate if your not sure on that one.)
Those two pans of rolls were well received, too.

The day was as beautiful as it could possibly be. 
A house full of love and smiles and laughter and warmth. 
Family ties strengthened and relationships renewed. 
Thoughts turned to loved ones far and those passed on. 
These bellies filled to full capacity. 
I slept on the car ride home.
Contented and grateful.