Sunday, November 11, 2012

inside, outside

These days have certainly called for warm things to eat. Mugs and bowls filled to the brim with tea and soups and hot breakfast porridge and comforting pudding for a special after-dinner treat.  

The sunshine was so beautiful and welcome when it came out today. Shining all bright on this newly fallen snow. The mountains looked so glorious and I was so glad-- giddy almost-- that I had brought my camera along; taking some time to take a few pictures when I drove to pick up Jane this afternoon after church. 

It was such a peaceful feeling, too, yesterday morning when I set off on my run. Everything so still and silent. The gift that comes after a snowstorm in the quiet, early morning hours. Snowflakes softly falling, again, on my way back home. That was lovely.

The weekend filled with good things. Between errands and out and abouts and cozying up here at home, my massage table arrived this week and was put to a lot of use. I went to my parent's home yesterday and worked on both my mom and dad. It makes me so happy to know that my massage work for them is really making a difference. If this is the only reason why I'm gaining this training, it is all worth it, I've decided.

Later that night, Eliza, Isaac and I went to a movie. And how serendipitous that our reserved tickets were right next to my dear friend and her sweet son. 

Sunday afternoons seem have seemed to become "Mom's massage school hands-on homework day" as far as the children are concerned. Spent two and a half hours working on Sam, Jane, and little Isaac. It was not at all draining for me. I so enjoy this work. I love the satisfaction I feel. The peace, mindfulness, and this profound sense of quiet that distills upon me. The compassion, the reverence, and the absolute wonder I feel for not only each of these bodies, but for each soul that I'm able to connect with this way. The love that just seems to flow and flow out of me.