Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"just doodles", she says

When I first saw these drawings last year in my (then) thirteen year old daughter Eliza's sketchbook, I was speechless. 

(And just so you know, she just whips them out like there's nothing to it.) 

Where is this place that she pulls this incredible talent, inspiration, and beauty from?

This ease that comes, that flows in a never ending stream day by day and year to year? 

These lines and form that consistently take shape and then come to fruition on these blank sheets of white all through this doorway of effort and imagination and inspiration and ideas and a little sprinkling of whimsy all along the way?

This girl of mine decided to start her own blog recently. Painting Poppies, she calls it. A place that allows her to share her creative talents; her world of  artwork,  photography and writing with a broader audience. She's undergoing the process of gathering all her work together in one place. A digital portfolio and journal, of sorts.

I'm so glad she is. We're in for a treat.