Friday, November 9, 2012


feeling quiet these days. 

an inner and deeper than normal stillness that i've noticed for a while now. i think it's shown in my presence here on this space. almost like the button for internet interaction and blogging and writing and picking up my camera and has been turned off. switched off just like that. 

maybe i feel a lack of inspiration. as if i've said it all. captured it all. but i know that's really not true. actually quite the opposite. maybe there's just too much to share, all this abundance, change, goodness that's filling me up and i'm not quite sure how to express it all. process it all.

i guess i'm just letting these new rhythms of school and study and change-- changes of this past month, and change in the coming months ahead-- settle. quietly. 

i enjoy the solitude of my morning and early afternoons. most days you'll find me contentedly home. sitting in my corner. my nose in a book. a cozy throw over my legs. finding myself nodding off more often than not. i guess with these late nights in class, this alteration in my sleep pattern is taking its toll.

a true winter storm came in this morning. how cozy it was with no where to go and nothing really pressing for my immediate attention. how lovely to sit with my fingers wrapped around a hot mug of tea. just feeling that warmth enveloping my hands. living in the simplicity of that delicious moment. looking out the window at the those snowflakes softly falling to the ground. the peace of it all.

feels good to have made some cookies. to bake for my family. feels good to make a pot of warming and comforting soup for dinner. feels good to see my boy's boots by the back door. his joy of all this igniting my own joy. feels good to look. to perceive. to understand. in a physical sense, as well as on deeply spiritual level. feels good to see the piling flakes of white settling on that graceful branch of a tree. on the porch rail. feels good to give in to the tug of all this beauty that begs to be captured with this camera. the knowledge of just how much i've missed it. feels good to know how blessed i am.  feels good to let this compassion, love, and healing touch flow through these hands. and through this heart. to bless another soul. to bless my own. feels good to allow for quiet presence. to just be. feels good to internalize. to acknowledge. to share.