Saturday, November 24, 2012

twilight in november

what a treat it was,
gathering together at day's end.
this house on a hillside
nestled in scrub,
welcomed in kind hospitality 
by those sweet grandparents
of both beloved room mates
of hers.

and so we couldn't help but
take a little stroll to admire it all 
taking this in,
exploring with wonder
this yard with even its own stream running through
with bridges, groves, and meandering paths
a child's dream come true
this magical place 
where does and their fawns 
make their way down the mountain
at sundown-
a common sight.

and then comes the time,
the evening's highlight
the moment we've been waiting for
to bask in their music making;
fiddle, banjo, and guitar.
these young voices blending, 
singing in perfect three part harmony.
and we sit there
amazed and touched
enough for tears.

and then 
the sharing time of 
pie and smiles and talk and art
with goodbye hugs at the door and promises of
another not too far off distant