Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas glimpses

surprised and heart gladdened
we wake up smiling at that fresh blanket of white
on the morning of this christmas eve
(the first gift of many)
and the snowflakes are falling fast and not letting up
"it really feels like christmas now!" we all agree

and me in a fluster in the kitchen
all the day through
no shower, still in my pajama sweats
red bandanna dew rag on my head, even
(a sight to behold)
and i spy her walking up to the porch
this young friend her long golden hair
blowing in that blizzard
my half marathon partner
(a never to be forgotten inspiration)
and i stand there all amazed
of her coming to see me
that she would remember me and think of me so much
and all of it touching me to the core
enough for tears and sinking deep
all day long and still

and so evening falls
and we gather cozy
to celebrate this night of all nights
with candlelight and a Mexican fiesta,
a sweet little bunny special delivery,
new pajamas and brother and sister gift giving,
and this thoughtful daughter's heartfelt love letter
to save and tuck away to cherish all life long
rice pudding tradition forgotten in the fullness of it all

and is it already time to wake up
just a few hours of sleep is all i had
but excitement is in the air
and christmas day is here at last
and the kids make their way up
in the dark of the early morning
one by one
to see what was left
and carefully chosen
heaps of wrapping paper and boxes and bows
all left in a forgotten pile
all over the floor
when all was said and done

so we gather ourselves in an excited hurry
and head on over to mama's and papa's house
anxiously waiting for 9:00 on the dot to come
the decided time where
where we'll all see his face
and hear his voice
and he'll do the same
bringing tears and wide smiles and shrieks of joy-
a christmas miracle.
those two precious hours
the most cherished gift 
and sweet
of the day.

and those warm smells from mama's kitchen beckon us
and we gather around that beautiful table set;
gratitude and joy in each of our hearts
for the wonder and abundance that
is ours not only on
this day of all days
but acknowledged, felt, and received
each and every day