Friday, December 28, 2012



With all this snow we've had in the last few days, it's put me in hibernation mode.

Which is good.
Which is needed.
Which seems right.

Winter brings with it a natural rhythm of quiet, rest, and inwardness, after all. With time, I've come to acknowledge this in and for myself, in all living creatures, and in this world that surrounds me.

I won't lie when I say that most of these days since Christmas have been spent in pajamas. And that goes for all of us around here. (Except for Keith, who's had to trudge off to work.) Mornings of sleeping much much later than is our usual. Lounging around with noses in our books. Watching movies wrapped in blankets. Numerous afternoon napping sessions. Sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace.Trying out and finding entertainment with recently gifted toys and games and art supplies. Hearing Jane tinkering around on a new surprise mandolin given to her by those two beloved roommates of hers.

Inward quietness balanced with bits of outward activity.

As in those times when the children have gone out to play in the white and the cold, working on their "big snow ramp". Seeing every one of those kids out there, the big ones along with the small one having so much fun together, bringing a smile to this face and joy to this heart.

I even got out to shovel. (Someone needed to clear a path.) As most of the time this task is given to members of the male population in this family, this job was welcomed, as this snow is often so powdery, and as this little time of physical excursion brought a sense of quiet satisfaction. Being outdoors for me is always so uplifting, meditative, and centering.

 I also ventured out yesterday afternoon by myself for a couple hours to the bookstore and library-- redeeming a welcomed gift card and restocking my reading material. That was nice. I love having this time to read to my heart's content.

And as I write, the snow continues to fall.
So softly. So peacefully.

Ah, this feels so good.