Thursday, December 6, 2012

my day

breakfast brought up on a tray
unexpected packages, too and
that little snowflake card making my heart melt.
"i wish i could be with you while i'm at school."
another poem from him 
and those warm tears surface like they always do.
a long overdue run forcing myself a little
but still,
feeling good to finally get out and go
even if i don't go far.
(no need for hat and gloves even.)
and then i walk into this quiet empty house
hot lingering soak beckons
after sweat and chills
this day calls for a little bit of self pampering
with scented oils and all.
(if i do say so myself)
and those happy voices on the phone call to
remember me and
sing to me
and then off i go
to work these hands
on sore aching muscles
legs of this
neighbor of mine
leaving both of us feeling
so grateful and so glad.
lunch date comes next--
a little celebration reprieve
(sushi is what i crave)
and then to the school i rush
library duties to fulfill
(it's wednesday after all.)
suggesting good reads for eager fifth graders
beloved books from my own childhood
"you've just got to read this!" is what i say.
and before you know it,
it's time for afternoon carpool
and we finally pull in
and i spy wrapping paper and a big red bow
up there on the porch 
a doorstep surprise
and facebook well wishers and
the smiling continues
gladdening a heart
(it's so nice to be remembered.)
then a few stolen moments
i collapse on my bed in between
the every day of
laundry to fold and anatomy to study and kids whose needs beckon
a respite, albeit
that nagging touch of guilt
still welcomed and needed
even if sleep doesn't come.
so it's leftovers on the dinner menu
and off they all go to another home basketball game
while mom goes to class
(dragging her feet)
preparing, cramming for
upcoming stresses and demands of finals week
that quickly approaches
and oh how it made my day
when the whole class began singing 
the happy birthday song to me
the way they did tonight.

my day-- 
another year
bursting with the
ordinary, everyday moments
(this thing we call life)
with sprinkles of love and goodness
of laughter and beauty 
scatterings of
opportunity, learning, and growth-- 
(even the challenging times, too)
every bit of it all
making this life worth living.