Thursday, August 30, 2012

thankful thursday

"...the Windows of Heaven opening up and pouring down a torrential rain of blessings!"...
These words so true.

:: rays of sun streaming down through clouds.
:: A way is provided. A door opening up. His generous answer to the desires of this heart.

:: friendly, gentle-eyed horses.
:: a better than hoped for experience in the dentist's chair.

:: first game of the season for these boys full of anticipation.

:: shooting a game of marbles with the cub scouts.

:: painting on the kitchen floor.
:: what he hoped and dreamed of really coming true.

:: running down the hill to see those horses all a galloping.
:: the sweetness that this friendship distills upon her soul.
:: fields wide with sunflowers.
:: a new job.
Yes, Keith was offered a job yesterday. We are so thankful. So happy. So relieved. So many prayers answered.
God is good.
And we are blessed.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

change in the air

i can feel it;
these changes
noted, marked, sensed
with these ever observant eyes,
this heart that
taking it all in and
ever feeling.

upon looking out the window
up to my elbows in suds and breakfast dishes,
viewing the tip-top
of that apricot tree out on the edge of the yard
already starting to yellow,
the first to drop
every year i've learned.

and to our amazement
those scattered mountain top
patches all a vibrant.
is it already that time?
a sure sign.

morning air
a little snap
of coolness;
another alteration,
from relentless heat
of summer days

light turning golden,
warmth from slanting sun
radiance, a splendor
yet another shift
i sense, i love.

so we ease
into a new season, this
most beloved of mine;
a fruition, an abundance,
promises fulfilled,
a harvest and a gleaning
we cycle back once again
on this wheel
the rhythm of life.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

late august kitchen on a saturday afternoon


It's been awhile since I went out to the garden. Amazing, the changes that can happen in a few days. That space has been a little neglected. Don't know why. A little weedier than I'd like. But still thriving.

So I haul it all in. Many trips worth. Get that apron on. That one act always gets me in gear. Into a serious kitchen mindset.

Before I get going, these raspberries are just too tempting. A little nibble here and there, a little camera action. This light that I just love and can never resist.

I stop to make Isaac his sandwich. He likes it toasted. Me, too. Make mine a BLT and hold the bacon.

Oh, there's nothing like tomatoes fresh from the vine.

I turn on my tunes for some get up and go.

I chop and chop those beautiful colors.

It's a meditation.

Salsa's done. 3 quarts worth. It'll tide us over for a few days. Good thing I just bought two big bags of chips. (They disappear fast around here.) Thinking Jane and her room mates would really go for a jar. I think I'll take some down later to surprise them.

Friday, August 24, 2012

wedding celebration: joe and maggie

They quietly had crushes on each other back in those long ago 7th grade jr. high school days.

I guess they knew love when they saw it.

And now those early years of puppy love blossoming, growing into something more.

So much more.

A beautiful friendship, two hearts full of hope, dreams, and happiness.

Such a lovely late summer day to celebrate.
Oh, those sunflowers!

What a day. 

And what joy and love and smiling all at the same time.

Can't believe that this little nephew that I watched grow up with Gary is now a husband of such a beautiful bride.


Wishing both of you, Maggie and Joe, an eternity of smiles, laughter, joy, understanding, and love.
Thank you for letting us share in your joy in such a special, beautiful, and memorable way.
All the choicest blessings God has in store for your marriage, you two. Today and always.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back-To-School 2012

Goodbye summer...
Summer, where the livin' is easy.

Hello routine and rhythm and responsibility.

Back to alarm clocks.
Back to rising before the sun.

Back to sweet and tender Night-Before-School-Starts
Father Blessings.

Back to gathering all together around the candlelit breakfast table.

Back to frantic lunch makings.
Back to love notes on napkins.

Back to backpacks and school uniforms and new shoes.

Back to old friends and new friends.

Back to fresh and exciting beginnings.

Back to tight hugs and off you goes and rushing out to the car and shouts of make it a great day and I love you's.

Back to another year of learning and growing and new opportunities and shining your lights for the world to see.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

8 years

I first saw you in my dreams.

And then there was that quiet Sunday afternoon when I was listening. God speaking to me. How you needed to come to our family.

A gift of God to each of us.

It means laughter.

You've brought so much of that. So much joy to our family.

I can't imagine us without you.
What would we do without you?

Our little "Boo-Boo Boy".
Our little "Bodger".

You amaze us with your quick and inquisitive mind.

Thank you for your smiles that light up our lives.
Thank you for the squeezes that only you can give.

There are times when I look at you and see how fast you are changing. I wish time would slow down sometimes. I want to cherish every moment and every day with you.

You make me so very, very happy.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy.
xoxo Mommy