Tuesday, January 15, 2013

around the house morning

Drifting out of my dreams,
I push the light up button on my watch
and it's a little after five.

I linger in the warm
 and these thoughts flow from one thing to another.
I stretch and lengthen, taking my time.
Then decide I might as well get up and make my way
in the dark to my corner
and read and think some more.

Slowly I make my way down
and press the switch and magically
we have heat and fire.
Looking out the window,
I see the overnight dusting of fresh powder.
The snow clinging on limbs like a fairy-land.
And the cold still lingers,
resulting in the kitchen pipes frozen once again,
but the blow dryer and his patience saves the day.

A hot breakfast would be good
so pancakes it is.
I set the table and light some candles
because that's always cozy.
And I go the extra mile and juice some oranges for a treat.
Sunshine in a glass.
Then lunches are made and he's out the door
and it's the last week of me taking the big kids
and we venture out, too.

And here comes the sun.
So good even if it was for a few minutes.
This beauty beckoning for my camera.
I  just can't help myself.

So I head back in,
stamping the snow off and leaving those boots
on the rug by the door.
Some music is in order.
It always gets me going.

And since I'm craving greens these days
and not pancakes,
I cook up something delicious and warm and nourishing
because I'm worth it.
By the way, a tofu scramble with lots of veggies
is where it's at, folks.
It won't let you down.

So I wander around the house
loving this light that comes only in the morning.
And I putter.
And I tidy.
Wondering what the rest of the day might hold.


  1. Beautiful...and your veggie burrito looks delicious!! Any chance you could post the recipe?
    Love, Erin

    1. Hi Erin!

      Here's the recipe I use for the tofu scramble-- made into a veggie wrap. So good... Just thinking about it's got my mouth a waterin'!!

      1 1b. block firm tofu, crumbled with your hands
      1-2 T. oil (I left this out and substituted a bit of water to saute the veggies.)
      1 onion, diced or sliced
      1 pepper, diced (I used red)
      a big handful of chopped kale or spinach
      2 T. nutritional yeast (look for this at the health food store in the bulk section. Looks like fish food, but gives things that "cheezy" taste and is a terrific source of B vitamins.)
      3 cloves garlic, minced
      1 t. cumin
      1/2 t. paprika
      1/2 t. turmeric (doesn't really flavor as much as it adds a bright yellow and makes your tofu seem like eggs)
      salt and pepper to taste (this is the key, as well as the other seasonings, as tofu is bland and tasteless.)

      Heat oil in a skillet at medium heat and add the onion and pepper, saute until softened-- about 5 minutes. Crumble up and add the tofu and the garlic; cook for a few more minutes. Add the kale, nutritional yeast, spices. Cook until heated for a few more minutes until the spices "marry" and the tofu turns a nice yellow and things get all warmed through.

      You can scoop this into a tortilla, serve over rice, or eat just as is. A little salsa on top or chopped tomatoes added to the mix is nice, too.

      Try it. It's one of my faves.

  2. Emily, I found your blog from a pin on pinterest and I have been reading ever since. This post brought perspective and peace to my day. Thank you. I would also love the recipe!

    1. Oh, I should have refreshed my page before I submitted my comment. Thank you for the recipe.