Tuesday, January 29, 2013

blanketed in white


A doozy of a snowstorm came in today. Early, maybe around six this morning, I opened my eyes and immediately sensed an extra light radiating in the bedroom. Sure enough, it had snowed and the world was white.
An oatmeal kind of morning, and soon, the sound of snowplows could be heard as the world began to wake up and we all began to go about the day's business.
The snowflakes wouldn't seem let up all the day long, it seemed. Spent the morning conquering the pile of dishes and then snuggled in with a new book and a brief nap. Ventured out after lunch to give a massage to my dear friend and neighbor. Her husband welcoming me with a smile, thoughtfully shoveling a path and offering to carry in my table.
I love the quiet stillness that comes with these kinds of days. Days when the world is blanketed in white. 

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