Sunday, January 20, 2013

sunday truths

It's time to bite the bullet.

Face the facts.

Granny with a little Hipster flair.

Every time I think to myself, "Isn't it great that we haven't had any sickness this winter?", wouldn't you know it, someone  always seems to come down with something the next day.

It's a jinx.

He'd been begging for months.
How could I resist?
Jumping up and down, dancing around when he tried them on for us all on Christmas Eve.

Footie pajamas are the cutest things ever.

There's so much beauty around me.

If I only stop to see.

And open my eyes to it all.

A bowlful of grapes doesn't seem to bring on the guilt like my all too frequent habit of sneaking a bowlful of chocolate chips (mixed with almonds) from the freezer.

It doesn't quite do the trick, though.


  1. Hello, dear--- so glad to see you braving fearlessly into the world of open comments in this space again! I'm here, following you always, life has just been so crazy! Prayers and blessings, always... j

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  4. Just wanted to say how beautiful and often times, cozy your pictures are. I really enjoy them! Your blog always makes my day a better one. Thank you for sharing:)
    Jeannette in California

  5. Ha ha! I love to sneak choc chips and almonds too many times too! I think I should follow your example ;)
    Thank you for the beautiful cards...I have already put them to good use trying to send them to people who need a little light! THANK YOU!