Wednesday, January 23, 2013

this little light

He pulled it out of his backpack after school just the other day. Wrapped up tight in a toilet paper wad. A secret surprise he'd worked on throughout all of last month-- "It was for your birthday, Mom." A little tiny tea light enclosed in air-dried salt dough. My favorite color, I noted, formed and painted with care. Sprinkled with gold glitter, adding a magical touch. Shaped "like an Egyptian boat", too, he pointed out to me.

 "I love it!" I told him. He smiled wide, so proud and happy, and lifting those eyebrows of his the way he does.

A few evenings later, he and I sat alone at the kitchen table. All the lights turned off. In the dark and in the quiet, gazing together at that flickering flame. "It's beautiful," we both quietly agreed into the silence.

This is peace.
This is love,
I told myself.

This precious gift from an eight year old boy; this fifth and last child of mine.

This light in my life.

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