Monday, January 14, 2013

when it's cold outside

these temperatures bite
and fingers go stiff
where one pair of socks 
isn't enough for me
and i'm as hungry
as a bear would be
and out is out 
of the question

seeking the shelter
the warmth of home
of quiet and snug
blankets lie ready
wrapping cocoon-like
with fireplace glow
for extra cozy 
and we come up with ways 
to entertain ourselves
with forgotten games
pulled off from 
the closet shelf
and book after book
(our old reliables)
which never grow old
and empty afternoons beckon 
fabric and scissors
where creativity reigns once again
and outside our window
that frosty white world
still remains

1 comment:

  1. Hi Emily! My name is Marcela, and im from Argentina, icame across your blog by chance, and i loved it. im not fond of writing comments but i felt like saying you hello!!!

    here is soooo hot, i like winter although we dont have snow here, the photos are beautiful!!