Sunday, January 27, 2013

when you need a little pick-me-up

It's been gray, gray, gray around these parts. For days on end. With this horrid, smoggy inversion that settles in our mountain valley every January and February-- along with frigid temperatures, the absence of blue sky and sun, freezing rain, driving home at 10:30 pm from school in heavy fog-- I've let myself slip into a major funk. The doldrums. Desperately wanting to escape to someplace sunny and warm and away.
And I think the lack of running resulting with all this has played a part in my blahs. I hadn't done any sort of running, nor any form of exercise since New Year's Day. Even if my environment allowed, I just haven't had the energy, nor desire to get out there. Things lifted a little yesterday morning. It wasn't nearly as cold as it has been and the air cleared up enough to get out. So I talked myself into it, and after I finally got going, I was glad and energized to say the least. 
This week, I've been in full time-nurse duty mode. All three kids here at home coming down one after another with the stomach flu. And just when everyone was back in school, and thanking my lucky stars that I didn't succumb to it all, Jane called late Thursday night in agony after her a sledding date that afternoon. They hit a hidden bump, she went flying, and came down hard on her hip and lower back. She couldn't walk or bear weight on her leg and we were all so scared that she may have broken something; possibly delaying her mission departure of April 3.
After the x-rays confirmed that no major damage was done, we rejoiced, but she's been home all weekend in bed and now today, Sam and Eliza are sick again. Gaunt and losing precious pounds they can't afford to lose, dark circles under their eyes, sore throats, headache, and the stomach nasties coming back full circle.
 Insert big sigh, here.
So as I headed to the mile-long checkout line at Costco yesterday afternoon, cart full and heart weary, how could I not stop by the flower stand and walk a way with a bit of color. A bit of cheer. A little pick-me-up.
A big, beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers to grace the kitchen table.
But mostly just a gift for me.
P.S. Buying flowers for oneself for no special occasion is a nice thing to do. A very lovely thing to do.
If you haven't, you should.


Oh, those pale pink ones always make my heart swoon...


  1. Oh what a perfect idea to buy flowers! Today was a disaster including the moment when my two year old decided to head-but me in the forehead in the middle of sacrament meeting. Not good. Thankfully he is cute and loveable and goes to nursery well. Tomorrow I need to go to the grocery store to get some carrots for my soup and flowers will be on my shopping list. They always seem to make things better. Thank you for the sweet reminder. I hope health returns soon to all.