Friday, January 18, 2013

within and without me

despite, in the midst of, and even because of:

smoggy sunless skies
frozen pipes
ice cube feet
dishes that stack
basketball game losing streaks
grimy bathroom sinks
learning from and accepting criticism even when you're giving it your all and you're frustrated with yourself  and you have to swallow your pride and the hot tears come 
down to the wire big kid late night winterfest projects to wrap up
spelling bee hopes set high
lunch hour seated chair massage sessions for needy, grateful teachers at his school
sitting in the middle of the mall, her eyes closed and her head back, enveloped in her thoughts while this daughter shops
making sense of and finding a place in her jumbled up mind for words like supraspinous fossa, greater tubercle, and thoracolumbar aponeurosis
heart break and heart ache when sacred trust is shared, helping shoulder the yoke of such a heavy, heavy burden

there's still peace,
such gratitude,
a stillness,


and beauty throughout

without me
and within me

1 comment:

  1. The frosty trees just down the street. I noticed those, too, this morning. Gorgeous. Love you Emily.