Monday, February 11, 2013

a tale of another broken rib: (take two)... and other woes of the day

Hi friends.

Just thought I'd pop in this afternoon and tell you that I might be away from this space for the rest of the week.

Here's what's up:

Yesterday, I fell down hard. Slipped with my slippery wool socks off of the brick fireplace pad onto Isaac's pile of Lego's scattered all over the wood floor. 

I couldn't get up for a while.
I couldn't breathe.
I cried.
All the day through.
I wanted to swear.
I just thought the word instead.

I knew that pain. I've experienced a broken rib before. And my upper arm is one big black and blue mass.

Just sayin.

This puts a big dent in my massage classes and stuff. In my mother-duties. I'm trying not it let it get me down. But it's hard. It's been a difficult past couple of months in more ways than one.

And this morning, I had to take Jane to get her wisdom teeth out. They were impacted and so it was a little bit complicated with IV sedation and all.

Everything went smoothly and as expected and she seems fine now. Thank goodness.

But it was a nightmare getting her home.

I knew she'd need my total attention today; knowing I couldn't leave her today for one minute. I knew she would need her prescription filled to help her through the pain. She'd need ice, too.

So hesitatingly, I stopped at the store, tried to get her attention and explain to her where we were. Decided to leave her sleeping in the car while I ran (not really, but sort of) inside. I told the pharmacist that she was out there waiting when they told me it would be a twenty minute wait. I urgently, desperately expressed my concern: "You need to wait your turn, Ma'am." the girl at the prescription drop-off told me flatly.

So as I finally made my way out of the store, so slowly, clutching that heavy bag of ice in my arms, hunched over in pain with every step I took, I saw a man looking through the car window, talking on his cell phone phone and to a bagger-boy, obviously concerned at what they saw.

And I ran. Really ran.

This was the store security guy. On the phone with the police. And the sounds of multiple sirens began wailing through the air. A police car. An ambulance. The fire truck all pulling up, surrounding us in that parking lot.

And there was Jane, totally out of it, all slumped over, bloody saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth and throw up covering her.

You can only imagine how distraught I felt.

I tried to explain what the situation was. They were kind and helpful and understanding. They helped me clean her up. They checked her vitals. They sent me off, reassured albeit, tears flowing in streams all down my cheeks.

Getting her out of the car and into the house was another nightmare. She was still so out of it. Incoherent. A noodle. I stood her up. She'd fall down. Onto the snow covered driveway. I lifted her. I tried to drag her. Had her lean on me. Raising my voice almost to a yell to get her to move and wake up. It was a desperate situation.

And so here she is now, next to me on the couch. The pain is being managed. Strawberry sorbet is hitting the spot.Talking to Sam like nothing ever happened. Not remembering a thing of the day's ordeals.

So thanks, you guys, for allowing me to share my little sob story with you all. She'll get through this. I'll get through this. Things will be okay.


  1. THat is horrible!! I have to admit I did laugh though....maybe someday you can too ;) I am seriously so sorry you have a broken rib and here you are still doing your motherly duties when YOU should be the one they are taking care of!! LOVE YOU and heres to a better day tomorrow!

  2. Oh my goodness. I really hope the security guy or someone explained to the pharmacist what happened, and that perhaps she can recognize the virtue of occasionally being flexible about the rules in the future. I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Hope your rib heals quickly, and that Jane heals quickly as well. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  3. OH my gosh! That is awful Emily! You are quite the Mom! I can't believe that all happened to you and Jane! Poor girl and poor Mom! I hope that you both are able to relax and heal quickly! So sorry that all happened!

  4. Oh, dear--- I emailed you out of the blue early yesterday without knowing this. Feel better soon, and take care of yourself!

  5. Emily,
    I'm so sorry! We have wisdom tooth extraction stories ourselves, so I understand! I wish I lived next door instead of 100 miles away and I'd bring you soup today.
    No, you don't know me but I feel like I know you from your wonderful blog! I hope you are feeling better soon.

  6. Oh my, Emily. Poor you. I know I would have been in tears as well. You are such a good mom. Take care of yourself and get better. Sending you a hug....Renee

  7. Oh Emily, what a day you had! So sorry to hear about it and I really hope that things go up from here. Hang in there and here's sending you a big hug from Canada!

  8. Oh my! So, is there anything that we can do for you now? I am afraid I am going to have to sic Jo on you.

    Rest well.


  9. Sorry to hear that you've had such a hard couple of days, Emily. I hope that you will be able to rest and feel better soon.
    My best wishes to you and to your daughter.


  10. this isawful. I'm so sorry. If it helps any, there is a drive-thru pharmacy very close by (and I don't mean the one in that parking lot). I really like the people at Taylor. Speedy healing to you.

  11. I'm thinking that had that had to be one of your hardest days ever...
    take good care.