Wednesday, February 20, 2013

bake. make. cake. take

it was the blue and gold banquet last night.
all the cubs and their families filling the church gym.
the biggest scouting shin-dig of the year.
(may be a toss up with the pinewood derby, now that i think about it.)

these types of projects always seem to turn into more of a family affair than anything else.

dad baked it.
mom frosted it.
sam ate the shaved-off scraps and extra cupcake from it.
eliza added her artistic flair to it.
and isaac was the right-hand man, designated designer, and supervisor of it.

of course.


  1. Those are so stinkin' cute! Nice job family...

    And good for you mom for powering through...I always marvel at the times I've been at my lowest how I still took care of my kids, still helped them with the extras. Hope you are feeling better today...sending hugs and much respect for sharing your heart the other day.


    1. Michelle,

      Your kindness, your notes you've left have touched me so deeply. Thank you so much for being here. I feel a kindred spirit in you. I've spent time (getting to know you first through comments you've left with Denise's blog a long time ago now) visiting your blog, and also checking out your Pinterest boards. Love and connect with everything! Wished you were my neighbor, girl!

      Love to you and thank you from my heart.

  2. Attractive cake, add taste kids. Thank you so much.