Tuesday, February 19, 2013

some observations

have you ever laughed out loud, with yourself, in bed, while everyone around you is still off in dream land?
i do it all the time.
most often when reading gary's monday morning emails.
this response, among other funnies, totally cracking me up so bad it hurt bad and was wonderful all at the same time, letting all that laughter that's been buried inside-- out.
..."Just be glad it happened with Legos and not with someone getting too carried away at massage school. POP!!"
speaking of dream land, this wasn't the first night i've ever dreamed about someone whose blog i read.
wondering if i'm the only one.
if that's weird.
feeling a shift today.
these aches and pains seem to be lessening.
enough so for some get- up- and- go to attack the dishes taking over the sink and counter.
also the crud on the stovetop that's been bugging me.
like forever. 
also a much needed pickup and sweep-up-tidy.
what a difference a bit of physical activity and these every day types of homekeeping tasks can lift one's outlook on life.
first time since last week i've had the house to myself.
i turned my music up loud.
always energizing.
finding that i'm really satisfied with simple food.
simple ingredients. simple preparation.
like my lunch today.
opened a can of black beans and dumped them on some leftover basmati rice.
steamed some asparagus and garlic to go with and called that good.
really good.
a package came in the mail just now.
that's always a lift.
it had my name on it, too.
not a surprise, though.
a book and some other goodies i gifted myself for valentine's last week.
i think i feel a change in the air.
this morning, i noticed the sun up a little bit earlier and a little bird-song heard outside my window.
thinking spring is finally, really just around the corner.


  1. I've dreamed about a certain blogger a couple times...you're not the only one. (And I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one!)

  2. glad to hear you are doing better!