Sunday, February 3, 2013

spelling bee

it's his thing.
always has been.
(this kid's got a photographic memory, i tell you.)
spelling is his thing.
it's where he shines. 
he knows it. 
and he likes it.

this third grade, freckled-face little boy
up against even those big eighth grade kids
and just like last year,
he holds his own.

while this mother of his looks on
sitting there on the back row 
squirming in her own chair
neck craned one minute
and then 
eyes closed and head bowed
the next.

so it's down to the wire, 
dueling in that agonizing final round
just him and a sixth grader
the small vs. the tall
word after word.
will against will.

and when all is said and done,
it's second place.
once again.

and i rush up to him
(a mother-love instinct)
wrapping this child up in these arms
to soften the blow
searching those child-eyes
trying to decipher:
disappointment, let down,

"it's okay, mom," he smiles brightly back:
"i've still got five more tries!"

and instead of stopping, after car pool's done,
for ice cream
like i offered
(in celebration and culmination, after all)
he suggests something else
two towns away we drive 
two hands together we walk
into that bookstore.

his kind of treat.


  1. Can I just say he is the most adorable boy EVER?! I LOVE how you captured his emotions! Way to go on 2nd place. YOU are amazing!!!

  2. What a great kid! (And Mom!)