Sunday, March 24, 2013

can-do-girl, and a little home library talk

It's amazing what gets done when company comes. 
Like getting to those long procrastinated around-the-house projects that I want to do, but don't ever seem to find the time or the motivation for. 
This seems to be the case more often than not.
I will say that tackling home improvement projects just for the improvement aspect is nothing new to me. I've practically painted this whole house (and a previous one) and all that entails when we did a remodel overhaul here about five years ago. I know how to work, how to get things done, and I enjoy the satisfaction of the whole process-- especially after everything comes together when drop cloths, sandpaper, and paintbrushes are all put away, when we settle back comfortably into a more beautified and functional space.

Anyway, after I finished Friday's post about wishing for a little bit of get-up-and-go, I decided that it was now or never. This weekend (before next Sunday's crowd) seemed like a good time to tackle our home library situation. 
And this, too: After thinking things over for a while now, I've decided that doing all my massage work on-sight is something that I enjoy and would enjoy, (traveling to client's homes with my table), but I'm feeling more and more like I really would prefer to have my own studio space here in our home.
Since our schoolroom/library seems like the ideal spot and isn't utilized now as it used to be (it's become rather a dumping ground), I figured that with a little bit of rearranging, our "music room" could fill that purpose, as well, for a library/study. Also, another clincher in my motivation was finding out this week that instead of it being June as the beginning of my Saturday internship giving massages (at school), it looks like May 11 will the date, leaving even less time than I thought for these kinds of Saturday projects.

See all the books that I needed to move out of our schoolroom? (One wall pictured above. More about book love here.) Well, a trip up to Ikea Friday afternoon helped solve the problem, in addition to some unfinished shelves Keith  built and put in a couple of years ago over an existing cabinet in the music room.
I must say how proud I was of myself for putting those three shelving units together. No assistance from the mister necessary.
(Yeah. I'm handy.)

Needless to say, I stayed up past midnight Friday moving pile after pile of books to this new library space, as well as  rearranging books in the family room and boy's room. And what a trip down memory lane it was. Organizing and looking at all of those books we've accumulated over these twenty plus years of parenting. Each of those picture books that endow such sweet and precious memories of the best years of my motherhood-- reading to my babies and toddlers and preschoolers. As well as all the books we read together on the couch throughout the intense homeschooling years.
All of these emotions and memories came flooding back.
And even as I tried to pare down-- taking a car load to the thrift store yesterday-- I realized how much I still want and need to hold onto these books. Even in this digital age where so much information is available on-line, I realize that we will always be book lovers. This home will always be filled with actual, tangible ink and paper books.
We eat. We read. 
Both nourishment and both a necessity in my way of thinking.  

As I spent most of Saturday painting those shelves, Isaac was my right hand man. Him all cozied up in this new little nook and me off on the other side of the room doing my thing. Calling out brain teasers to me from the forgotten Childcraft Puzzle Book. (This kind of stuff so him. Me definitely not.) Smiling to myself hearing him softly singing along with Hey Jude playing in the background. (How does he know all the words?)
 Amazing how this little bit of rearranging brings fresh interest back again. So fun to see even the big kids gravitating, pulling and pouring over the picture books I read to them all those years ago. Delight in their: "Mom, remember this one?"
And with grandchildren coming along down the road before we know it,  more reading and book joys to look forward to. 
I think we are going to love this new space. So excited for the paint to dry. (I love the smell of fresh paint, don't you?) To fill more shelves. To add those little nesting touches. To "home-ify". To settle in. To welcome in.

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