Friday, March 15, 2013

good and full and happy: a look at my week

After a week filled with

...all-nighter Pinewood Derby (cub scouts)
 and mousetrap car (physics class) building,
yet another trip to the periodontist,  
mistaking a stray rabbit for Eliza's Mr. Rochester,
chasing him all around our yard
until I finally found the real Mr. Rochester
 safe and snug in his own cage,
the truck breaking down and in the fix-it shop 
on more than one occasion,
multiple marathon shopping outings
getting Jane all outfitted for her 
18 month mission departure to Taiwan,
feeling the looming dread, this aching heart, this letting go
 that comes with another separation
with one of these best friends of mine,
(these young adult children of ours)
while at the same time,
feeling such profound gratitude and awe
for the growth each has and will experience,
planning for and sending out invitations
 for her big Easter Sunday send-off gathering,
posing with hands outstretched
for Eliza's art project and noticing 
an undeniable and alarming orange-ness in my coloring,
 (bet you can't guess which hands are mine!)
studying my brains out for finals week
-- rejoicing and marveling at another term of straight A's,
putting together a resume and preparing
for Monday's mock job interview,
(and really enjoying how beautiful and confident I felt in those new heels!)
finally finally finally being able to get out and run,
loving these perfect days of going short sleeved
and even no jacket outside,
taking the kids to a Friday night at the movies,
inspired today, as my parents reach the summit of 50 years
 of marriage, love, togetherness, and commitment...

I feel like taking a deep breath.
Letting out a big, contented sigh.
Of relief. Of gratitude. Of joy.

Life is good.
And so very, very full.
Happy Weekend, friends!

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  1. The hand on the right with the wedding ring?