Monday, March 25, 2013

good morning, friends!

Isn't this a pretty little cottage? Eliza and I went out last evening for a little photo shoot, just wandering around our small town. The light was just right and it was a relaxing way to wind down after such a busy weekend.

I look at this little homestead and wonder about those people who first settled here. The hardworking hands that built this home. It sits just off to the side of one of the busiest roads and I know I've passed it countless times throughout my life, but I don't think I ever really paid any attention or acknowledged its existence until now... Until last night, when I stopped the car and walked out there, gazing and taking it all in with these eyes and with this camera lens. Looking forward to seeing if those vines will fill out with green leaves in the next few months. The alteration that will come with the changing seasons.

Sometimes you just have to open your eyes and really see what's been there all the time.

Well, this week will be a busy one for me. It's Easter week. I love this time of year. Everything bursting and blooming. The hope and renewal and rebirth that comes with spring's arrival. So much symbolism throughout it all.

I'll be busy today planting pots of pansies and getting the front porch looking nice. Preparing for Easter. Running last minute errands for next Wednesday's departure for Jane. Helping her pack. Finding a place to store all her stuff from her apartment that she'll be moving home tonight. Cleaning, baking, and readying the house for all of the folks that will come to our church services (and then join us afterward here at our home for eating and visiting) on Sunday to hear Jane share her love, feelings, and testimony of Christ.

Some of you may be new here and might wonder what and where this oldest daughter (she'll turn 20 in June) is headed off to. She has decided to devote the next 18 months of her young life as a missionary for our church in Taiwan. (Go here to learn more about her decision to be a missionary, as well as the day she received her mission assignment.) As you can imagine, it comes with great sacrifice, love, and a long held desire on her part. Leaving her dear friends and social life behind, taking a break from her university studies. Her brother Gary (my oldest who is 22) is currently serving his own mission in Finland, and just like Jane, left a year ago last April. He has another year left to go.

Preparing for Sunday brings me right back to Gary's own special send off.

So, as you can probably imagine, my heart is filled to overflowing with so many, many emotions.

I may be popping in here near the end of the week to share some of goodness and goings-on. Hope your week, wherever you are is filled with love and joy and hope and miracles and sunshine.

Just for fun, here's some peeks into Easter at our home from previous years. Here, here, and here.

Love to you,


  1. I wonder.... do you speak as you write?

    You write of looking at something "with these eyes"

    Is that how you would speak to someone? Just curious!

  2. The photo looks like a painting! It is beautiful...