Friday, March 8, 2013


Jane talked me into it.
So not me at first glance
when words like comfort and serviceable and practical
have always been my mantra.
So this is kind of like stepping into new territory for me.
I'm totally serious.
Isaac giggled when I came down the stairs to model.
You should have seen the look on his face.
All wide eyed and wide smiled
and kind of nervous.
So all this has got me thinking:
Maybe it is possible to teach an old dog new tricks.


  1. they are very pretty!!
    my hubbie would love me to wear heels -
    good for you

  2. My first thought was "Why?"

    Why would you want to wear them? I think only someone who isn't happy with their inner self feels the need to put on a show for others.

    That is the only reason to want to wear something so uncomfortable, yes maybe comfortable for a short while but then they're not. They're bad for posture - which is another reason why I thought "Why?" when you in particular are wearing them - didn't your recent studying teach you that?

    I personally have never felt that need to be like everyone else, to follow like a sheep, wear exactly the same as everybody else. it's quite surprising to find that you do, it somehow goes against all I've read on here. A little disappointing in a way too. (Sorry if I'm being too honest)

    On a different tack - apparently the catwalks this season were full of flat shoes, the high heel has apparently been and gone. Wear flat flat shoes and be trendy! Oh wow - just realised I must be trendy - now that's a first!!

  3. My first thought is waaay to go girl!!! NEVER ever to old to learn a new trick or two! It is my inner self that puts on a beautiful show for me and if anyone else feels the shine then all the more for them!

  4. I love a heel!!!

    And check out those great looking "runners" calves you've got! ;)))))))

  5. I think you look absolutely lovely. It's fun to break out of one's "norm" once in a while and try something new. Don't let other comments bother you...who cares what some people think! Sheep indeed! lol