Sunday, March 31, 2013

this easter weekend and a farewell to jane

the sweetness that greets from these Easter lilies
right when you walk in the door,
spring preview outing and Wendy's with a Papa and the boys,
three generations of girls sitting side by side
the older, the middle, the younger
just holding each other
close on a red love seat couch,
support and a listening ear
from a Mama who loves,
little bunches of happy, yellow daffodils
scattered here and there,
coloring eggs with still eager children
late on a Friday afternoon,
their baskets all lined up in a row by the fireplace,
filled once again after all these years,
seeing their smiling faces, hearing their laughter
balm to this mother's soul,
hunting under the couch cushion for that last, lost one,
all day and late night baking marathons,
making ready,
giving all I have
to give
singing friends,
faithful friends,
remembering Him
through surfacing, spilling,
hot tears,
table full and house filled and full to the brim,
you couldn't have asked for a more beautiful,
sunshiny spring day,
her sincere, from the heart, and tender sharing, 
the joy,
the tears, 
the beaming,
the beauty,
the confidence,
the growth,
the faith, 
the sacrifice,
the love.

this is joy
and this is peace.

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  1. You are amazing! What a great Mom you are, I sure wish I could meet you, I know we'd make great friends.