Tuesday, March 5, 2013

with or without you

Dear Gare,

It's your birthday!
22 years it's been since I first held you in my arms
looking at your sweet, little face at my breast.

And even though you are so very far away
from me and from us,
I just want you to know
I'm remembering you on this special day.

I still fixed your favorite cake
and sang the Happy Birthday song to you,
and made a wish and blew out your candle.

Tears streaming down my face.

Loving you with my whole heart,


  1. This is so sweet and a lovely way to say happy birthday when you can't be together!

  2. Emily, I've never met you, but it's clear to see that you are such an awesome mom. There is so much love inside of you. This post brought tears to my eyes. Hope that your son had a great birthday.

    Karen from Canada

  3. Such an awesome birthday celebration. I can relate to this so much. Hope everyday is a celebration of heart. There is nothing stronger than a Mother's love, save God.