Saturday, April 27, 2013

a warm welcome: a tour of my massage and bodywork home office

This is a continuation of my last post.

Where I gave you little glimpses.
Where I shared with you an idea.
the potentialities,
the realization,
the capabilities,
the enabling power, 
and the joys 
all can and will come
to full fruition
when you believe in the beauty of your dreams.

Having a vision was crucial.
I'm so glad I did that.
Every creative process first starts
in your mind.
In your heart.
Something I've known all along,
but now seem to understand more clearly.

It's what you see and dream,
that keeps you going
when the work part,
the actual doing part
gets hard.

This room was transformed.
A homeschool room.
A learning place.
A creative place.

And when I stood there overwhelmed with such a task
physically as well as emotionally
all this stuff to sort and go through
having to paint over
penciled growth mark scribbles
that sacred spot
on the closet wall
noting, acknowledging
how tall each one was
over the years
tears in my eyes at and with it all,
saying goodbye to those years,
all that stuff,
the role I played.

Eliza's simple statement
as she stood there
in that room and by my side:
"Mom, it's time to move on."
Rocking me to the core.

Transformation indeed.

So now I'm seeing that,
I can still play the role of nurturer
This room can and will,
be a place
of learning,
of creativity,
of growth.

And it will be a place
of beauty
of serenity,
of quiet,
of peace,
of awareness,
of hope,
of giving,
of receiving,
of compassion,
of healing.

And as I cross the threshold
of this room
in a literal as well as figurative sense,

I pause,
and with a smile
I say:



  1. I so agree with Eliza but I would say it time to build on. This room is more especial because of having to brings to your mind. let me say this is a beautiful place!

  2. Oh emily, It's beautiful. So beautiful. I remember that room so clearly and I'm amazed at the transformation.

  3. it is amazing - how wonderful.

  4. Welcome, yes for sure. It certainly will have warm vibes to it. Looks wonderful!

  5. I just want to crawl up on that massage table and let you do your work. What a beautiful space you have created!